The perfect gift...what to choose?

A Gift Voucher!

If you are like me, there are always 'those' people who are so darn hard to buy for. Each year I find myself on the internet and in the shops often for weeks on end in search for the right gift. Sometimes my efforts resulting in the ‘wow’ you can only hope for, while others as epic fails.

Probably one of my most unrewarding moments (time spent v’s ‘wow’ factor) was when I decided to ditch my usual baked Christmas gifts for an upscale version of a Christmas Bon Bon or Cracker. As it’s always about cooking in my household, I spent around a month compiling some of my favourite recipes and putting them into a lovely presentation with little hand written notes and photos I had taken of some of the dishes. I printed around 30 copies, rolled them up into a cylinder, stuffed a few kitchen themed goodies and Lindt balls inside, and with festive ribbon wrapped them up like a bon bon. I thought it was just the best pressie ever. But after handing them out at a party and seeing them left scattered over my kitchen bench at the end of the night, was it the dreaded ‘epic fail’ or was it something to do with the heavily spiked Christmas Cheer we had all been drinking during the night?

(I found ‘Biscuit' pictured below, at a butcher in Florence, trying to choose his perfect dinner. Pretty sure by the look of those eyes, he was feeling a little overwhelmed too!).

Here's a few situations which come to mind when trying to choose something different -

1. The person you need the gift for has absolutely everything so gift giving has now turned into "lets get them an ‘experience’ this year”. There are only so many times you can take your friend to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show before it starts to get a bit creepy!

2. You've set the bar high with previous gifts and now your gift is always an anticipated one, so you need to find something really different that will pack a punch on opening!

3. It all get's too hard or probably even more so, you don't have time to go to the shops? So much easier just buying something beautiful online and have it posted right to your door.

4. You need something small you can simply pop in the post which will still have wow factor for the recipient. 5. Your nearest and dearest really loves a particular hobby (let's say um... cooking for example!), but there aren't any cooking school's around who run really fun classes that they don't have to drive a zillion miles to get to.

Enter a Relish Cooking School 'Long Lunch' Gift Voucher

Some ideas for gift voucher giving -

Christmas pressie

A special birthday or anniversary

Someone in the office is leaving or even a friend is retiring (live a little - woo!)

Last day of school or graduation

Thank you gift

Any person who loves to cook

Maybe Mum or Dad need some subtle help to 'change up' their weekly cooking menus

Employee gift as a recognition of great work or even staff Christmas gifts

Mother's Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day

Your 'bestie' or anyone really, just because you can!

You get the drift, so basically anyone really.

We are only releasing a limited number of vouchers, so you will need to get in quick!

You can buy one here or if you are looking to buy more than one, please let me know how many you would like and I will send you an invoice for the full amount, email me now.

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