My Aunties Christmas Pudding Recipe - held tightly since 1966!

Hopefully this Rich Plum Pudding recipe is a keeper? It's been held tightly in my Aunties special 'Christmas Recipe' folder since it's publication in 1966. Time has stood still with some of these old traditional recipes and now I'm the keeper of this family one so let's just see how it goes. My last years Christmas cake recipe put hairs on your chest and set many eyes watering on cutting from the slightly heavy handed alcohol drizzle once out of the oven - thing's got a little giggly after the first piece, so what's not to love!


Thought you might enjoy this little Christmas decorating tip I found in an old Australian Woman's Weekly magazine from 1966.

My husband's Aunty Wendy is one of those true classic home cooks who I have to say, I've had a foodie crush on from the day we met. We sat down some 17 years ago to a beautifully prepared formal lunch around her antique oval table, with crisp white linen napkins on our laps and in a very 'proper' way, ate like kings. From that day on I just knew we were going to be wrapped in our cooking trials and tribulation discussions for many years to come. Sadly in the last few months she has had to go into a nursing home, but still has the opportunity to take herself out to one of her favourite little cafes nearby, which will give her some sanity and more importantly access to what we now can confirm, is one of the the best lemon meringue tarts we have ever tasted! Nice job, The French Pear in Drouin, Victoria.


Another very important tip here (don't you love it!)...

I'm sure some of you will remember the original penny hidden in the bottom of the pud somewhere?

Fortunately for me, I am now the recipient of her love of cooking, which means I have all the hand written recipes (both her's and her mum's), every sized cake tin you could imagine and more, many original cooking utensils, cutlery and fan-dangled gadgets which were hand made in the early 1900's, some of which I have to admit, I did have to ask what it would have possibly been used for! I believe the top fork in the photo above was used for beetroot! So now I am the keeper of all things GOOD, including a beetroot fork.

Rich Plum Pudding

In packing up some of her items I came across this lovely November 30, 1966 Australian Woman's Weekly cooking magazine titled The Sweet Food of Christmas. I thought as I', now the beholder of these special treasures, that it was my duty to share some of these precious pieces with you. Thanks must be given to Mrs. M. Carey, Mayne St., Murrurundi, N.S.W who was the "week's recipe prizewinner" for her Rich Plum Pudding. It certainly must have been be good as she won $10 for it at the time. And Mrs C, I would have awarded extra points for the 'theatre' in the dish - "Ignite, and bring it to the table flaming" woo Mrs C, so fancy!

For ease, I've included the recipe below and done the conversions (and a few slight changes on the spices) for you too, it's Christmas after all!. Make sure you start the fruit mixture part well in advance, the longer it sit's the more flavours will develop.

Ingredients - Fruit Mixture

450g each of raisins and sultanas

225g currants

1 cup chopped crystallised fruits

1 cup chopped candied peel

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp mace (or substitute ground nutmeg or ground allspice)

1/2 tsp nutmeg (omit if used above)

1/4 tsp each of ground cloves, freshly ground black pepper and allspice (omit if used above)

450g very finely chopped suet

1 1/4 cups brandy

Ingredients - Pudding

1 cup scalded milk

570g fresh breadcrumbs

1 cup sherry or port

1 cup sugar

1 tsp salt

12 eggs, well-beaten



  • Suet you can buy this from supermarkets these days (Tandaco brand) or substitute for a vegetable shortening like Copha.

  • 6-pint pudding basin is about 12 cups or 2.8 litre

  • a 'slow' oven is 150˙C (130˙C fan)

  • for ease, these days you can simply microwave the pudding just before serving rather than reboiling!

Hope you enjoy this Pudding recipe, it has to be good doesn't it??? Mine is in the making as we speak, let's hope it's a keeper and Aunty Wendy has nailed it once again.

It could be you that starts the new Christmas Family Tradition!


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