Go to the 'Dark Side' this Easter

It's not Easter without chocolate, yes I'm saying it (sorry responsible parent's), but it has to be done! For years we've all tried the avoidance method "let's leave Johnny a new pair of socks on the end of his bed for Easter and shape them into an egg and he won't know the difference" or "let's take Sally to see the ducks in the park and she might forget about the Easter Bunny who had tramped all around town overnight, and who is now on a sugar low from all the chocolate he/she had to eat so the kids wouldn't eat them".

Let's face it, trying to avoid it is a challenge so this year we are embracing it with a huge "hoorah" but taking it a little over to the dark side to mix things up just a little bit.

I grew up with, among many other delights, a stock standard Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny which was delivered to my bedroom perfectly timed from when I opened my excited little eyes to see if the Bunny had done his thing. It used to take me all of about 2 minutes to demolish, pre breakfast of course, after promising myself it would last for the entire Easter holidays.

These days I'm more of a Lindt/Haigh's Chocolate fan but I still manage to slip in my annual Cadbury moment with a 'Bunny' at Easter, just for good measure. Oh and just for a bit of 'extra' good measure and especially at chocolate overload time, I do manage a pop-in down the road to the cafe at Zokoko Artisan Chocolate for a stunning hot chocolate which is simply, well, there are no words!

So what's your thing? I'm a lover of dark chocolate and have recently discovered the new 'extra dark' 60% cocoa Lindt balls. They're obviously not as dark as you can get it, but it's certainly dark enough for me to consume a whole bag before the Easter weekend has even begun. Lucky I bought another bag just in case of an emergency!

Today I thought you might like to join me on heading over to the 'dark side' by bringing dark chocolate to another level by adding beautifully perfumed and chewy Turkish delight, soft pillowy marshmallows, with some vibrant and crunchy pistachio nuts stirred through.

There are many recipes out there for Rocky Road, but really there is no hard and fast rule, just use what you love to eat and see what you can create. After all it is meant to be Rocky Road so start Rockin' it out people! If you need even more inspiration, don't forget to check out my other ideas below and there's some great sneaky tips in there as usual too.

The Dark Side Rocky Road


2 x 200g blocks of your favourite dark 70% cocoa chocolate

150g marshmallows, chopped in half

350g Turkish delight, chopped into 1cm x 2 cm pieces

150g pistachio nuts, 1/2 kept whole and 1/2 roughly chopped

sea salt flakes


Line a slice tin with baking paper ensuring the paper comes up and over the top of the sides by a few centimetres (helps with lifting it out later).

Place dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water (don't let the bowl touch the water), then stir until melted. Set aside to cool to room temperature.

Reserve a small handful of pistachio nuts for the top, and add remaining ingredients to your melted chocolate, mix until just combined. Pour into your lined tin so ingredients are evenly distributed and top with remaining pistachio's and a sprinkle of sea salt flakes

Pop into the fridge until set (maybe an hour or so).

Remove from the tin and cut to your desired size.


  • I bought my Turkish delight from the deli section of my local IGA Supermarket.

  • Use the icing sugar inside the container of your Turkish delight to rub into the cut sides so they don't stick together in one big messy clump (speaking from years of experience!)

  • If your melted chocolate is too hot you will end up melting your marshmallows and Turkish delight and it will be one big solid slab. Sounds yummy to me, but not exactly what we are going for in this recipe.

  • Use your handy baking paper 'handles' to remove it from the tin before cutting so you dont ruin your favourite slice tin with knife cuts and it's so much easier to cut.

  • I use a large dry knife to cut the Rocky Road into pieces. If you heat your knife thinking it will go through to chocolate better, it will, but it will also leave big streaky smudges of chocolate across your marshmallow so it doesn't look quite as nice. You want it to look preeetty!

  • If you don't like Turkish delight, swap it out with red raspberry lollies.

  • I think the perfect ingredient combo for Rocky Road is to add something crunchy so adding a chopped sweet biscuit, nuts or even freeze dried fruit like raspberries will always give it some extra textural crunch!

Looking to change up your flavours

Here are some other combinations you might like to try with your chocolate base.

Just roughly chop everything into and follow the same process above -

  • Ginger nut biscuits, candied oranges, marshmallow and walnuts.

  • Liquorice pieces, salted pretzels, iced gingerbread biscuits, marshmallow (this was a Donna Hay variation).

  • Dried banana, store bought caramel popcorn, marshmallow and you could even drizzle it with some store bought caramel if you really wanted the extra caramel hit (bit like a Banoffee pie!).

  • Swap to white chocolate, dried mango, freeze dried raspberries, coconut flakes, puffed rice or quinoa, lime zest.

  • Just because it's Easter, why not throw in some chocolate Easter Eggs (the ones with the gooey centre would be fun) and see how that goes!

From us to you, wishing you a

Happy and Safe Easter!


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