Happy 1st Birthday to Us

Cookies and Cream popcorn

It's a celebration indeed, Relish is one year old and we are going gang busters!

But no time to sit and smell the 'cake', we have work to be done. Thought you might like to enjoy this quick little celebration treat? Cookies and Cream Popcorn. Completely unsophisticated for a Chef, but who cares, it's our birthday and we are sharing cos we can! It's a great sneaky treat for kids and they can even get involved in the making part as well, however it's especially fab for us adults too with a cuppa in the afternoon or more importantly, for your next Netflix binge! But be warned, it is completely addictive!

Meryl's Chocolate Oreo Cake - nude
Marchelle's Chocolate Oreo Cake

My friend Marchelle's 21st cake (left) for her son. My 60th cake (right) and 80th cake (below).

Before we get onto the popcorn, it's all about sharing in this beautiful cooking community, so I have to tell you about this really yummy cake which is where the popcorn inspirations began. I was first introduced to this recipe from a friend who had made this stunning Triple-Stuffed Oreo Cake for her son's 21st birthday. It was shared with the tag "feeds a small army" so perfect you say, yes indeed it is. I also had a 21st coming up, a 60th and 80th, so wonderfully timed for these special moments. This cake is super impressive in it's grander when bought to the table, but more importantly, it's beautiful chocolatey cake layers are super moist and matched perfectly with the 'cookies and cream' flavoured icing layers. Thank you to the recipe creators, the gals at Bite Me More, it's certainly a keeper!

Meryl's Chocolate Oreo Cake - covered

We've made it a few times now, both nude (leaving the cake edges exposed) and not, but it's certainly a crowd pleaser for when a large group of hungry revellers are in the house. Cut a wedge and then slice the wedge in half again top to bottom, so everyone can enjoy a multilayered slice. Trust me with 4 layers, you won't be able to get through a whole wedge yourself, so this is where it's perfect for a crowd as each wedge usually serves two! The beauty of this cake is if you need it a little smaller, just halve the recipe and make just 2 layers.

3 Simple Ingredients!

If you haven't any special occasions on the horizon, why not just make the easiest yummy treat EVER and throw these 3 ingredients together and treat yourself to these chocolatey, creamy morsels of crunchy popping heaven. I have to say this popcorn nearly out-shines the cake itself, hence it really does deserve a little feature of it's own.

Popcorn, oreo and white chocolate

I have taken this to a stylish dinner party and also to a 50th as a late evening snack and given it's completely unsophisticated cooking for a Chef, no one will argue that it tastes really good, so who cares!

Cookies and Cream Popcorn

Cookies and Cream Popcorn


3-4 cups of salted 'microwave' popcorn, popped as per the packet instructions

137g (1 original sized packet) of Oreos, roughly chopped

200g block of white 'eating' chocolate, broken into pieces

pinch of table salt (optional)


  1. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

  2. Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl at 30 second bursts, sitting in-between until melted. Careful as white chocolate can cease easily if over cooked. See tip below for melting the old fashioned way!

  3. Mix the popcorn, chopped Oreos and melted white chocolate in a bowl until well coated. Pour out onto tray and spread it out into one layer and sprinkle with a touch of salt if using. Place in fridge for approx 20mins or until set.

  4. Break into bite sized clusters and serve!

Cookies and Cream (oreo) Popcorn


  • Melt your chocolate the old fashioned way by placing it into a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Stir chocolate every now and then until melted, making sure none of the steam makes it's way into the bowl.

  • It may not look like enough chocolate for this mix, but it really is enough once you toss it in the bowl.

  • I use the pre-packed 'microwave' styled popcorn for this recipe as it's all about being quick and easy. One packet makes slightly more than is needed, but for those in your gang who prefer something a little less exciting, hand them a bowl of the fresh leftover popcorn.

  • The salted popcorn has a good bit of salt already, however you can add a touch more if you like before popping the mix into the fridge. The salt acts a little like the salted chocolate/caramel kind of moment.

Simple pleasures guy's, sometimes these quick ones are just the best and we don't always have to be cooking recipes with a 'zillion' ingredients, so hopefully you will enjoy this one.


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